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Looking to improve student numbers & wellbeing?

Are you looking to boost student numbers in your school and improve student wellbeing at the same time?

Demonstrating what you are doing about Student wellbeing is the number one action you should be taking to boost your students on roll.

YouGov research carried out in February 2021 among UK parents of school age children found the following.

Pupil wellbeing is the top factor for parents when choosing a secondary school (65%) ahead of location (62%), culture and ethos of the staff (59%), facilities (57%), OFSTED rating (57%) and exam results (48%).

Here at Future Action, we help schools from all settings to create a whole school approach to student wellbeing through our Building Mental Fitness program.

A number of trailblazing schools in the UK and Internationally are incorporating proactive self-care strategies to improve the mental health of their students and staff.

These schools are strengthening their practice in identifying students who are struggling, building their confidence, self kindness, using worries as a positive, creating plans for dream futures, moulding healthy habits, eradicating unhealthy habits and giving students the skills to access the four happiness chemicals.

As a new addition to this program - we are now sending out personalised Certificates to all our partner schools to be displayed in main reception to prompt conversations with parents on school tours around the great work these schools are doing for student wellbeing.

Innovative schools are delivering these lessons in a range of activities such as circuit training, yoga and walking for health to ensure that all their students are still receiving a broad and balanced PE curriculum that meets the students' individual needs.

Alongside complementary RSHE lessons & a comprehensive form time program, the results have been staggering leading to healthier happier young people, calmer behaviour around school, enhanced relationships with students and staff, and improved attendance, progress and attainment across the school.

Here at Future Action, we have partnered with over 100 teachers and 10,000 students across the world in a range of settings from Primary to Secondary, International Schools to Special Schools to embed these transformational strategies and enable PE leaders to have a whole school impact.

If you would like to join this movement of inspirational teachers but are not sure where to start, then the Future Action Building Mental Fitness course teaches you and your team how to set up an outstanding program with easy to follow videos and editable resources to save you hours of time.

Click on the links below to find out more:

And get in touch for a friendly conversation about how we can support you!

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