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What is the RISE Up teacher training programme?

  • A sustainable, whole school, early intervention programme for students aged 8-18.

  • Proactive self care strategies to keep the wellbeing of your students and staff in great shape and help prevent mental health issues such as depression and anxiety from escalating both now and later on in life.

  • Alongside a differentiated exercise programme to help staff teach the statutory link between physical health and mental health in RSHE.

  • Online teacher training videos and editable resources to save your busy teachers time, and enable them to adapt resources and the programme to the needs of your students.

  • A proven model for your Mental health leads/RSHE & PE departments to drive whole school improvement based on academic research such as trauma informed practice.

The course follows the 9 Step Rise Up roadmap so that all members of your staff feel equipped to support your young people.  


We appreciate that all schools are different so the programme can easily be adapted to meet the needs of your young people. 

Benefits to your students

  • Improved mental wellbeing.

  • Greater understanding of how physical activity can boost their mental wellbeing.

  • Increased confidence and belief in themselves.

  • Improved knowledge of practical strategies to apply to build their mental wellbeing.

  • Enhanced relationships with peers and staff.

  • Reduction in behaviour incidents.

  • Increase in progress and attainment.

  • Improved mindfulness, flexibility, strength and balance.

  • Improved sleep and nutrition.

  • Greater awareness of the dangers of social media.


Benefits to your teachers

  • All teaching staff within your school can develop expert subject knowledge on how to improve student wellbeing.

  • Editable scheme of learning, student powerpoints, lesson resources, and knowledge planners included to save your teachers hours of time planning and easy to adapt to the needs of your students.

  • A proactive methodology to improve the mental wellbeing of your teachers.

  • Able to access the course content at a time and place that suits their busy lives.

  • Opportunities for middle management to lead on whole school improvement with guided support from experts.

  • Ideas on how to implement in your school in over 10 different ways.​

Benefits to your school

  • As the course is online, your teachers can watch at any time to suit their busy lives saving cover costs in the process. This makes sure your best teachers are in front of their classes.

  • Reduced behaviour issues as students’ brain stems are calmed reducing fight, fright, flight response.

  • Calmer, happier students and staff.

  • Better peer and student-staff relationships.

  • Students more engaged in learning.

  • Increase in student progress and attainment.

  • Increase in numbers of students on roll.

This course brochure explains the programme in more detail.

The programme has been implemented in over 150 schools around the world.


"It’s crucial, now more than ever to consider how schools and colleges are developing both the academic and the wellbeing of every young person.

At City Academy Norwich we place a core emphasis on every child having the same opportunity in life. Being mentally, fit, happy, energised and productive are key attributes that everyone can benefit from having."

Paul C, Headteacher, City Academy Norwich

"Our work with Future Action and the 'RISE Up' Early Intervention Programme has allowed us to ensure we consider a proactive approach to these areas, working with all our young people to become the very best versions of themselves and achieve future successes.

The RISE Up programme is a course that we would wholeheartedly recommend to colleagues who are looking to introduce a sustainable early intervention mental wellbeing programme to their school.

The training is user friendly and the online resources can be used continually to aid planning of lessons.  Our young people and staff have really benefitted from implementing the programme at Sprowston." 

Jonathan R, 2nd in PE, Sprowston Community Academy.

"'The 'RISE Up' Early Intervention Programme is a course that we would definitely recommend to other PE departments who are looking to upskill in their delivery of teaching the knowledge needed for young people to recognise and develop strategies for their own mental wellbeing.

The course tutor Neil Moggan, is passionate, extremely knowledgeable, and keen to engage with staff to develop this brilliant opportunity for all students. The training is user friendly and with the online resources can be used continually to aid planning of lessons."

Nick A, Head of PE, Hethersett Academy.

Check out our testimonials page to see what more teachers, children and leaders think about our programme.

What you receive

  • Access to the online programme for all staff with individual logins for a year.

  • An editable student booklet so you can brand it with your own school logo and personalise to the specific needs of your children.

  • 23 editable powerpoints.

  • An editable scheme of work.

  • An editable knowledge organiser.

  • A range of posters and resources promoting healthy habits for students and staff to have whole school impact.

  • A certificate for the school to promote the work you are doing to improve the wellbeing of your young people.

  • Personalised certificates for all staff who complete the training for their CPD records.

  • Mental Health Hero certificates for students.

  • Kindness Cards.

  • Access to your relationship manager to ensure that the programme is embedded in your school successfully within 90 days and then that support continues throughout the year.

Click on BUY NOW if you would like to purchase the course or feel free to book a call so we can discuss your needs in more detail.

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  • This is phase 1 of a 3 phase approach that is best practice for schools to follow:

  • Phase 1 – Early Intervention for all young people, and identify those who are struggling as early as possible for phase 2 support.

  • Phase 2 – Internal Specialist support from trained counsellors and safeguarding team for phase 3 support.

  • Phase 3 – External Specialist support from providers such as CAMHS.

  • It is the new and improved version of the ‘Building Mental Fitness’ programme based on tried and tested techniques in over 35 schools across the world over the last 18 months.

If you'd like to transform your students and staff this term with a proven online teacher training programme to address stress related issues then get in contact with us today.​

Their future relies on you, and that starts today. Don't wait to make that difference.

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