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See what these fantastic teachers and eductors say about our 5-star rated RISE Up course.

'In depth knowledge, very professional and very user friendly'

Mrs Wabe

'Videos were very helpful - well explained and informative'

Mr Thomas

'The course has increased my awareness of students' wellbeing, how to monitor & promote change and given me strategies to use right now in my lessons'

  Mr Obayoriade

Paul C, Headteacher, City Academy Norwich

‘It’s crucial, now more than ever to consider how schools and colleges are developing both the academic and the wellbeing of every young person.

At City Academy Norwich we place a core emphasis on every child having the same opportunity in life. Being mentally, fit, happy, energised and productive are key attributes that everyone can benefit from having.

Our work with Future Action and the 'RISE Up' Early Intervention Programme has allowed us to ensure we consider a proactive approach to these areas, working with all our young people to become the very best versions of themselves and achieve future successes.’

Paul Collin photo.jpg

Jonathan R, 2nd in PE, Sprowston Community Academy

The RISE Up programme is a course that we would wholeheartedly recommend to colleagues who are looking to introduce a sustainable early intervention mental wellbeing programme to their school.

The training is user friendly and the online resources can be used continually to aid planning of lessons.  Our young people and staff have really benefitted from implementing the programme at Sprowston.

Sprowston PE Team_edited.jpg

Nick A, Head of PE, Hethersett Academy.

'The 'RISE Up' Early Intervention Programme is a course that we would definitely recommend to other PE departments who are looking to upskill in their delivery of teaching the knowledge needed for young people to recognise and develop strategies for their own mental wellbeing.

The course tutor Neil Moggan, is passionate, extremely knowledgeable, and keen to engage with staff to develop this brilliant opportunity for all students. The training is user friendly and with the online resources can be used continually to aid planning of lessons.'

Hethersett team_edited.jpg

Jon O, Head of Community Sport, Norwich School Sport Partnership.

"Future Action's 'RISE Up' Early Intervention teacher training course has given us a really useful tool to help support Primary Schools that we work with.

The course includes lots of excellent resources and can be completed online at a time that is convenient for staff"

Jon Osborne.jpg

Bryony R, PE Teacher, City Academy Norwich

‘The 'RISE Up' Early Intervention teacher training course has given me a vast number of strategies and greatly enhanced my confidence in supporting young people with their mental wellbeing.

The amount of content given through video, as well as resources will really help when delivering the course.’

Bryony Radley.jpg

‘The RISE Up course will enable me to integrate wellbeing and health into my curriculum and pedagogy.

I have learnt new skills and information that can enhance my teaching.

I have loved using the resources in my Physical Education lessons - they are incredibly accessible and the activities are both educationally beneficial as well as enjoyable!’

Miss Bird

'I have taken so much away from this course, not only for myself but to help with teaching this RISE Up programme that we offer in school. 

This will benefit the students I teach by empowering them and giving them the knowledge they need to help improve their mental health.

The course is clear and concise with simple and easy to do tasks and challenges.'

Mrs Turnbull

'The course will greatly benefit me by giving me the tool to identify those students who are struggling and has given me easy to understand ways to improve wellbeing'

Mrs King

'Videos were very helpful - well explained and informative'

Mr Thomas

“My students really engaged in their lesson today. WOW”

Miss Norton



Hear how the RISE Up programme has benefitted young people.

"The teachers pay so much attention to everybody - not a day goes by where I'm not asked how I am about five times.

You really feel cared about."

Lily B, 14

 "After coming back from lockdown I really noticed a difference in the way teachers were talking to us.

They seem to have more of an understanding of how we feel now. 

The school feels a lot more open and teachers are really thinking about how they can help us.

The teachers always seem to notice when we're not quite ourselves and look to try and help us, even if we haven't asked."

Harley C, 15

"I think the school has really improved and teachers have a better understanding of how our mental health can impact our learning.

We've had more lessons that talk about mental health and we're being taught that it is okay to not be okay and try to make the bad days better."

Wray H, 15


Councillor John Fisher, cabinet member for Norfolk Children’s Services

“We’ve been delighted with the response from Norfolk’s secondary academies and special schools, which have been very keen to take part in this programme to help their staff improve their range of early intervention skills.

“Mental health and wellbeing is what young people across the county have been consistently highlighting to us as the issue they are most concerned about – they’ve made this clear after hundreds voted it their top priority in the recent Make Your Mark ballot during the Norfolk Youth Parliament elections.

“More consistently providing early intervention strategies and learning, and identifying those young people who need help earlier, are both key to improving support and we’re confident this programme will help to deliver these aims.”



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