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Designed by teachers for teachers.

Our vision is: 'to give as many pupils as possible a foundation of knowledge & practical tips to develop healthy habits to improve their life chances.'

As a current Director of Sport, Health & PSHE in a secondary school in the UK, with over 15 years experience of teaching and leading, all of our resources have been used successfully in the classroom to deliver maximum impact.

Our courses are based on areas that will have a significant influence on a person’s life such as financial coaching, building mental fitness and health. 

We combine superb CPD with practical resources so you can apply your knowledge immediately, saving you hours of time preparing resources.

We have won numerous awards for our work in secondary schools such as:

  • The AfPE Quality Mark.

  • The Department of Education Healthy Schools - Gold standard. 

  • The Healthy Schools mark.  

  • The school was judged to be in the top 5 schools out of 250 with similar demographics by Sheffield Hallam University researchers for our holistic work on challenging obesity.  They wrote a case study on our provision for the Department of Health & Social Care to inform the Government's next world leading obesity strategy. 

We welcome the opportunity to work in partnership with you, so you and your pupils can benefit and develop healthy habits for life.

Best wishes.

Neil @ Future Action

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