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Are you struggling to reduce your students’ anxiety, build their confidence and create a sustainable early intervention mental wellbeing programme?
Is taking responsibility for the mental wellbeing of all students and staff at your school posing a challenge?

Are you finding it hard to find the right balance between practice, capacity, implementation and affordability?

You've probably tried appointing a key member of staff to the problem, invested a lot of your own time to support them, or even gone to outside consultants to come up with a solution.

If these approaches haven't created a school with at ease, confident and focused children then you may be interested in what we've developed within our own school.

As a Director of Sport, an educator and course builder I have collaborated with mental health experts to develop the 'RISE Up' Early Intervention Programme with real experience of what children need, how teachers can deliver, and to integrate these programmes into a whole school curriculum to have maximum impact.

Of course you can work to build these yourselves, but that takes time, money and the necessary insights which I've developed over 5 years implementing this in my school and over 100 schools all over the world.

The 'RISE Up' Early Intervention Programme is a child centred, affordable and easy to implement set of actions based on a raft of academic research such as the Swarbrick 8 Dimension model, Trauma Informed Practice, The Five Part Model and the Mental Fitness Model by Dorothea McCarthy.  The programme has then been road tested in a range of school settings and refined to create a fantastic solution to your problem.
Our course comes with editable resources to save busy teachers precious planning time, and the programme has been designed to be adaptable so that you can make minor adjustments to meet the needs of your children.

If you'd like to transform your students and staff this term with a proven online teacher training programme to address stress related issues then get in contact with us today.​

Their future relies on you, and that starts today. Don't wait to make that difference.

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‘It’s crucial, now more than ever to consider how schools and colleges are developing both the academic and the wellbeing of every young person. At City Academy Norwich we place a core emphasis on every child having the same opportunity in life. Being mentally, fit, happy, energised and productive are key attributes that everyone can benefit from having. Our work with Future Action and the 'RISE Up' Early Intervention Programme has allowed us to ensure we consider a proactive approach to these areas, working with all our young people to become the very best versions of themselves and achieve future successes.’

Paul C, Headteacher, City Academy Norwich


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