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Norfolk Rising Up - Year 1 Impact Report

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

We are delighted to announce that our partnership with Norfolk County Council is continuing for a second year, so that we can provide our RISE Up early intervention mental wellbeing teacher training course fully funded to all colleagues in secondary and special schools in Norfolk, who would like to access it.

Norfolk County Council have also kindly funded our 'Trauma Informed PE' course for all colleagues in secondary and special schools in Norfolk.

The 'Trauma Informed PE' course guides colleagues to transform their relationships with young people to boost their wellbeing, engagement, behaviour and progress in the short term, and children's life chances in the long term.

We would like to pass on our thanks to all teachers who have participated in the Norfolk 'RISE Up' programme this year and continue to support their young people.

We have got some great case studies coming your way in the following months, from schools that have implemented the RISE Up programme in a way that best suits their individual needs. For Norfolk colleagues who would like to access either course, click here.

This week’s blog focuses on the impact report of the first year of the Norfolk RISE Up programme.


In April 2022, Norfolk County Council used some of their Department of Education 'Wellbeing in Education' grant to commission the ‘RISE Up’ programme.

The 'RISE Up' programme guides teachers to reduce students' anxiety, build their confidence and create sustainable early intervention wellbeing programmes within 90 days.

The programme has three aims:

  1. To identify individual young people struggling with their mental health and direct them to the specialist support they need as early as possible.

  2. To provide young people with a range of self-care strategies to protect and build their mental wellbeing to transform their life chances and reduce the pressure on upstream services.

  3. To teach the link between physical activity and mental wellbeing.

Sir Norman Lamb, chairman of the Children's and Young People's Mental Health Coalition, said it could prove vital to supporting mental health services in the region: 'We have got a massive challenge with children's mental health which has worsened over the pandemic and we have a situation where mental health services are under immense pressure. That is why early interventions like these are so, so important and could make a massive difference to helping the mental health services in Norfolk improve. We [the coalition] are very supportive of this.'


  • The ‘RISE Up’ programme provided every secondary school and special school in Norfolk with the opportunity to access the online early intervention mental wellbeing teacher training course.

  • 'RISE Up' is a 9 step online teacher training programme which upskills teachers and provides them with a comprehensive set of editable resources to save teachers time.

  • 'RISE Up' can be used in a range of curriculum areas to offer a toolbox of self-care strategies and physical activities to support young people to manage their mental wellbeing.

  • Future Action provides bespoke support after staff have completed the online training so that the programme is adapted to each school's specific needs.

  • We provide weekly case studies and blogs to showcase best practice, inspire our community, and publicise the great work going on in Norfolk schools.


  • 62 out of 76 Norfolk Secondary and Special schools have participated in the programme.

  • Over 350 teachers and support staff have accessed the training.

  • Over 10,000 young people in Norfolk have benefitted from the programme.

  • 93% of young people reported that their ability to manage their wellbeing improved after completing the programme.

Colleagues reported that the programme helped them improve a range of challenges in their schools such as: Mental Health, Attendance, Attainment, Behaviour, Engagement, Personal development, supporting SEND and our most vulnerable children.

Schools had the agency to implement the programme in a way that best suited their students' individual needs. Colleagues reported that the programme was implemented in a range of areas such as: PE, RSHE, form times, wellbeing clubs, enrichment days, staff wellbeing programmes, sports sanctuaries through student voice and leadership programmes, and cross curricular collaboration between subjects.

Cllr Penny Carpenter, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, said 'Tackling the growing concerns around the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people is vitally important, and the RISE Up programme is a brilliant tool to help us do that. Teachers are perfectly placed to play a part in supporting young people to understand stress and anxiety, the impact it can have, and how we can look after ourselves and those around us.'

Josie Rayner-Wells, Senior Adviser Inclusion - Early Intervention and Prevention for Norfolk County Council said this about our partnership:

‘It is exciting for us to have a programme developed by a teacher for teachers. Having a practising teacher create 'RISE Up' who had real life experience of what was going on first hand in schools was a big attraction for us. 'RISE Up' has a really clear emerging and emerged evidence base.

We have had fantastic buy-in at secondary level which has enabled us to build a community of like minded colleagues who can be used to transform the mental wellbeing of our young people over the coming years.

This is especially important for relationship building and managed moves. Norfolk County Council is moving towards a consistency of approach across settings so programmes like these are really important.'

Rob Connelly, Executive Headteacher at Harleston Sancroft Academy said 'As a community we have benefitted greatly from the ongoing work and support offered by Norfolk County Council’s Rise Up programme. it has played a crucial role in developing our curriculum, aligned to our vision where all members of the community are supported to experience ‘Life In All Its Fullness’.

We are acutely aware of the ongoing and ever-changing pressures and challenges faced by children and the wider community and we have a shared responsibility to provide support, both within, and beyond the classroom because people matter.'

5 star reviews from teachers:

''The 'RISE Up' programme is a course that we would definitely recommend to other schools who are looking to upskill in their delivery of teaching the knowledge needed for young people to recognise and develop strategies for their own mental wellbeing.'

Mr Austin, Head of PE

'The course has increased my awareness of students' wellbeing, how to monitor and promote change and given me strategies to use right now in my lessons.'

Mr Obayoriade - PE Teacher

'Our young people and staff have really benefitted from implementing the programme at Sprowston. The training is user friendly and the online resources can be used continually to aid planning of lessons. '

Mr Richards, 2nd in PE

'The course will greatly benefit me by giving me the tools to identify those students who are struggling and has given me easy to understand ways to improve wellbeing.'

Mrs King, Form Tutor

'The 'RISE Up' course will enable me to integrate wellbeing and health into my curriculum and pedagogy. I have learnt new skills and information that can enhance my teaching. I have loved using the resources in my Physical Education lessons - they are incredibly accessible and the activities are both educationally beneficial as well as enjoyable!'

Miss Bird, Progress Leader

"I have taken so much away from this course. This will benefit the students I teach by empowering them and giving them the knowledge they need to help improve their mental health. The course is clear and concise with simple and easy to do tasks and challenges."

Mrs Turnbull, Progress Leader

Feedback from young people:

Lily, 14, said: 'I notice that the teachers pay so much attention to everybody - not a day goes by where I'm not asked how I am about five times. You really feel cared about.'

Sam, 13 said: 'My mental health has gone from really low to the highest level it has ever been. I’ve realised that I can turn my problems into solutions for my future. The 'RISE Up' unit has helped me in many ways such as building my confidence and my self esteem. Now my body knows that it can go further than I ever expected and my confidence about my mental health is higher than ever before.'

Anna, 14, said: 'Becoming a teenager during lockdown was so hard, I always compared myself to people on social media because I spent so much time on my phone. After the programme I feel more able to focus on my mental wellbeing and how important physical health is. I know myself so much better than before. I also like to help my friends feel more positive about themselves and also feel comfortable asking my PE teachers for a bit of support when I am feeling down.'

Harley, 15, added: 'I really noticed a difference in the way teachers were talking to us.

They seem to have more of an understanding of how we feel now. The school feels a lot more open and teachers are really thinking about how they can help us. The teachers always seem to notice when we're not quite ourselves and look to try and help us, even if we haven't asked.'

Wray, 15: 'I think the school has really improved and teachers have a better understanding of how our mental health can impact our learning. We've had more lessons that talk about mental health and we're being taught that it is okay to not be okay and try to make the bad days better.'

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