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🎥 Education On Fire Vodcast! 🎥

Our founder, Neil Moggan, recently had the privilege of being a guest on the Education On Fire vodcast. 

In the show, Neil sits down with the brilliant host, Mark Taylor, to discuss the following topics:

📘Update on our ‘Time to RISE Up - Supporting Students Mental Health in Schools’ book being published by Scholarly.

🎉Why Future Action was created and how we celebrate great teachers.

🌈An overview of the ‘Liverpool RISE Up’ programme and exciting news about how that programme will move forward thanks to support from Youth Sport Trust and Sport England.

🔗 Watch the 30 minute interview here from 5:10 here: Education On Fire Vodcast

How we can help you

📈 In the episode Neil mentions the ‘School Wellbeing Scorecard’.  If you would like to take a first step to transforming wellbeing outcomes for your young people then feel free to complete the School Wellbeing Scorecard here.  You will receive a personalised report identifying your strengths and opportunities to develop your schools wellbeing provision.

Complimentary Gift 

💻You will also receive complimentary access to our taster ‘RISE Up’ online teacher training course so you can learn how to move your school from reactive to proactive when identifying children who are struggling with their mental health in one easy step.

Previous Future Action-Education On Fire Podcast Episode

🔗To listen to Neil’s previous podcast with Mark on ‘Transforming Young People’s Life Chances’, click here: Education On Fire Podcast - Transforming Young People's Life Chances with Neil Moggan

We hope you enjoy the episode.

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