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Thank you & goodbye

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

This is the final blog for 2022, we want to thank all you hero teachers for your efforts this year and wish you a relaxing holiday, as schools start to break up for Christmas.

In this week’s blog you can find out about:

  • Update on Norfolk County Council RISE Up programme

  • Sabbatical for our founder

  • Financial wellbeing programme recognition

  • Feeling grateful for our trusted partners

Update on Norfolk County Council RISE Up programme

An undoubted highlight of 2022 for us has been the success of the Norfolk County Council RISE Up programme.

We have been blown away by how Norfolk’s teachers have risen to the challenge and implemented the programme in so many innovative ways to meet the needs of their unique setting.

62 out of 76 Norfolk Secondary and Special schools have signed up for the mental wellbeing programme and over 300 staff have requested logins to the online training course 7 months since the start of the programme.

We have got some great case studies coming your way in 2023 to share the innovative ways the programme has been implemented by these brilliant teachers.

Josie Rayner-Wells, Senior Adviser Inclusion - Early Intervention and Prevention for Norfolk County Council said this about our partnership:

It is exciting for us to have a programme developed by a teacher for teachers. Having a practising teacher create RISE Up who had real life experience of what was going on first hand in schools was a big attraction for us. RISE Up has a really clear emerging and emerged evidence base.

We have had fantastic buy-in at secondary level which has enabled us to build a community of like minded colleagues who can be used to transform the mental wellbeing of our young people over the coming years.

This is especially important for relationship building and managed moves. Norfolk County Council is moving towards a consistency of approach across settings so programmes like these are really important.’

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about how we can work in partnership with you in your council or School Sport Partnership to set up a similar programme. Likewise if you are a teacher in a Norfolk Secondary or Special School and would like a login.

Sabbatical for our founder

Our founder, Neil Moggan, is taking a sabbatical from front line teaching after 18 years in UK schools. This will enable us to provide more value to this community.

Neil will be writing a book in collaboration with PE Scholar on early intervention wellbeing programmes, trauma informed practice and the link between physical activity and mental wellbeing. The book is due to be launched in October 2023.

We are currently creating a course for PE departments to incorporate trauma informed practice and Neil is consulting for a number of schools to enhance their provision.

If you would like to find out more about face to face consulting or CPD delivery for your setting then please get in touch.

Financial wellbeing programme recognition

Here at Future Action we are passionate about improving children’s life chances.

One of the ways we can do this is by empowering children to develop their financial wellbeing now and in the future.

Financial wellness occurs when you are satisfied with your current and future financial situation. It gives wider choice and greater freedoms for you and your family.

Our founder, Neil Moggan, has been recognised in the ‘Interactive Investor Personal Finance Teacher of the Year Awards 2022’ earning his school a prize of £4000 in the process.

The judges said ‘Neil has clearly made a significant contribution towards the teaching of personal finance at City Academy Norwich, and his work extends beyond just the four walls of the classroom.

The judging panel praised the sentiment behind the financial guide he gave to his pupils on exam results day which laid out some key financial well-being takeaways for the pupils now that they were leaving school.

The detailed guide covers a wide range of key financial events throughout one’s life, giving helpful tips and step-by-step considerations on areas such as university costs, through to buying a car, to buying a first home.

His initiative of creating his own ‘Mastering Money’ programme also impressed the panel – helping Year 7s and 8s develop a deeper understanding of the personal finance themes taught in lessons, as well as teaching them about entrepreneurship and the opportunities that it could provide in the future.

If the cost of living crisis is making you re-evaluate how your school prepares your young people financially for life after school then we have got an online teacher training course with editable resources to save you hours of time researching, planning and creating.

This unique course contains all the resources Neil has implemented in his school and trains you at the same time so you and your colleagues feel confident when delivering the material. Click here to find out more.

Feeling Grateful:

Expressing gratitude is a big part of what we do to practise mindfulness and spread happiness.

As we come to the end of the year, we are grateful for how vibrant our community is and for the many people like you and your organisations who have supported Future Action, as we continue to emerge as the go to early intervention mental wellbeing programme to support young people.

We want to say a big thank you to all our partner schools, school sport partnerships, county councils and alliances. They enable us to keep our mission going, so we can ‘provide early intervention, wellbeing support to as many young people as possible’.

Why not check out some of these great organisations who we have loved collaborating with this year:

Future Action has got incredibly exciting plans for 2023. You can be assured that we will continue to work relentlessly to guide you, so you can transform your students' wellbeing, and provide outstanding value for you and your school.

Thanks again for everything you do for your young people, have a relaxing Christmas and a fantastic 2023.

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