Financial Futures Teacher Training Course & Resources

Financial Futures Teacher Training Course & Resources

Empowering young people to grow their wealth and achieve their life goals through an ambitious financial aptitude program.

Benefits to you:

  • Expert subject knowledge on developing financial aptitude so you can pass on to your students.

  • Scheme of learning, student powerpoints, lesson resources, knowledge planner and leavers leaflet included saving you hours of planning and enabling you to introduce your financial literacy knowledge to your classes straight away.

  • A range of practical strategies that your students can apply straight away to develop their knowledge, apply and build their wealth.

  • A proactive methodology to improve your own finances.

  • CPD videos to share with colleagues within your school to improve their subject knowledge.

  • Links to interactive games, personalised plans and up to date scenarios to engage and motivate your pupils

  • Official Future Action 'Financial Futures' tutor.

  • Able to access the course content at a time and place that suits you and your busy lifestyle.

Benefits for your students:

  • Improved financial aptitude.

  • Increased confidence and belief in themselves.

  • Increased motivation to make the most of their opportunities at school.

  • Improved knowledge of practical strategies to apply to build their finances now and in the future.

  • A personalised wealth plan.

  • A leavers financial coaching leaflet for your pupils for results day to help guide them in the future.

  • Longer, healthier, happier lives.

What will you get when you purchase this product?

  • 11 CPD videos developing your subject knowledge on how to develop financial aptitude and how to deliver this unit.

  • A scheme of learning for the unit.

  • 9 Powerpoint lessons.

  • Electronic student lesson resources for each lesson.

  • A knowledge planner for the unit.

  • A leavers leaflet for results day to help guide pupils after they have left your setting. 

  • A personalised Future Action 'Financial Futures' trainer certificate.

Lesson topics:

To understand money, financial freedom & 5 key terms.

To understand financial aptitude and how people spend money.

To understand how to divide your wages to grow your wealth.

To understand compound interest and debt.

To understand the process involved in buying a car and a home.

To understand the 7 types of assets to generate wealth.

To understand the 3 types of income and lessons from history.

To understand how to budget and people’s spending patterns.

To create a personal wealth vision and understand how wealth is preserved.

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