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We have created a range of resources and put them all in one handy location so you can find out more about Building Mental Fitness however you prefer to access our content.


We have included an introductory guide to Building Mental Fitness for teachers so you can understand what all the fuss is about. You can read case studies from schools that have used the 9 step Building Mental Fitness to transform their students' wellbeing like the brilliant PE team at City Academy Norwich and Hethersett Academy have done.

You can peruse our brochures for our two online teacher training courses, and read our article in PE Scholar on the role of the Physical Education teacher in protecting and building our students' mental health. We have even got an introductory guide to Building Mental Fitness for Parents so you can direct your students' parents to give them additional support at this tricky time.


You can watch our founder Neil Moggan talk you through the 9 steps of our Building Mental Fitness Roadmap and how it can help you to transform the wellbeing of your young people.


We have created the Building Mental Fitness Scorecard so you can evaluate your Physical Education Department's Wellbeing provision right now. The scorecard takes 2 minutes to complete the 19 simple questions on four topic areas: Activities, Building Mental Fitness, Habits and Whole School Impact. It then gives you a personalised report so you can identify the aspects what our exceptional and areas that you can improve with some top tips to get you started.


Listen to our founder Neil Moggan talk to Daniel Elias on the brilliant 'Believe Move Grow' podcast about self-care strategies to transform student wellbeing and how to create whole school impact.


You can sign up to try the first two lessons of our online teacher training course so you can experience what are exceptional courses are like. These include all resources for the first two lessons so you can try the content out with your classes and take your school's culture regarding identifying students who are struggling with their mental health, from reactive to proactive.


You can book a no obligation call with our team so we can discuss your needs and you can ask any questions you may have.

To try out our complimentary resources click on the button below:

We also have regular articles in our blog section covering topical areas regarding the mental health of our young people. Click on the button below to check out our thoughts on this critical issue:

Our vision is: 'To guide 15,000 teachers so that they can give their students a tool box of self care strategies so young people have the skills to manage their mental health to transform their life chances both now and long after they have left your school.'

We have created a movement of inspirational Physical Education teachers, just like Nick Austin and Sarah Alothman at Hethersett Academy, who are committed to transforming the wellbeing of their young people in a post Covid-19 world across 5 continents to date.

If this vision and our content resonates with you, then please subscribe and join our tribe. We look forward to hearing from you.

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