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Preparing for the Next Academic Year: Supporting You and Your Students

As we approach the finishing straight of this school year, leaders across the world are starting to look forward and plan for the next academic year.

  • We would love to know what you are planning and why.

  • What has gone well this academic year?

  • What has been more of a challenge?

At the Global Spirit Ed CIC conference in Canary Wharf, our founder, Neil Moggan recently shared insights with senior leaders into post-lockdown educational practices, drawing from his profound personal journey in adapting to these new challenges.

Neil’s initial struggle in the new educational environment felt like teaching with his "hands tied behind his back." However, the adoption of trauma-informed practices marked a turning point.

The changes were remarkable in just one term:

  • student send-outs decreased by 95%,

  • engagement levels soared,

  • and the grades of the most challenging students improved by an average of 2.5 points.

  • Attendance also saw a 5% increase, significantly enhancing overall student and staff wellbeing.

From Neil's experiences, he derived a formula for thriving in a post-lockdown educational world:

This formula has since been replicated by dozens of teachers in a wide range of settings that we partner with to create fantastic outcomes for their young people.   

This transformative approach is not just about student outcomes—it's also about supporting our educators and their wellbeing.  You can read their case studies here.

What We Notice On School Visits…

In interactions with school leaders and educators, we’ve often seen a common theme over the last 18 months: while the understanding of what students need is high from leaders, many frontline educators are receiving limited or no training to implement them effectively. 

Action is required to support our hero frontline colleagues so they can care and teach our young people.

Tools For You

As you reflect on the needs of your own teams and students, consider how these strategies could be integrated into your planning for the upcoming year. We offer a range of tools and resources designed to support you:

  • Complimentary Scorecards: These allow you and your colleagues to self-assess and identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth in a psychologically safe environment.

You can try them here: 

  • Online Training Courses: Tailored courses designed to equip you and your team with the skills needed to foster quality relationships, implement early intervention strategies, and create environments rich in movement and care. We have these courses for you wherever you are in the world:

  • We look forward to speaking at the Amex in October for the Active Sussex School CPD Day and in Bangkok in November for the PHASE Conference.  Click on the links for more info and to book your place. 

Partnering for Educational Excellence

Our approach is rooted in proven successes and dedication to evolving educational practices to transform children's life chances and mental wellbeing.

By partnering with us, you're choosing a collaborative relationship that supports your school's growth and excellence.

As you plan for the next academic year, consider, how prepared is your team to face the next academic year? 

If there are areas where you see potential for growth, let’s discuss how we can help you, your colleagues and students not just adapt, but excel.

Let’s make this year a turning point. Join our waiting list here to explore how we can transform challenges into opportunities for success for you and your brilliant young people.

Have a wonderful week.

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