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Opportunities for you

This week’s edition is dedicated to providing you with ideas, opportunities and inspiration to help you achieve your goals.

Read on to find out about our:

  • Revamped School Wellbeing Scorecard

  • Trusted partners’ page added to our website

  • Book collaboration with PE Scholar

  • Phyllis needs our help…

  • New Happiness Factories Book being launched

  • Taster resources for you

Revamped School Wellbeing Scorecard

Over half term we have revamped our School Wellbeing Scorecard and we would love your feedback to see how we can enhance it further.

If you are currently a member of our community it is a great chance to review and celebrate the progress you have made with your wellbeing programme.

If you are new to our community it is a great chance to benchmark your starting position and identify areas to focus on to transform the life chances of your young people and colleagues.

You can take the scorecard as many times as you like to evidence the progress you make in time with your wellbeing programme.

To take the scorecard click on the image:

Trusted partners' page added to our website

We are on a mission to serve you and provide our community with as much value as possible.

We would like to share with you some of our trusted partners that are fantastic at what they do and have supported us on our journey.

Find out more about Improtech Soccer, PE Scholar, Podium Analytics, Phyllis, Children & Young People’s Mental Health Coalition, GCSE Simplified, Age of Light Innovations & WealthBuilders by clicking here.​

We hope they add value to your goals.

Book collaboration with PE Scholar

We are excited to announce that we are currently writing a book on early intervention wellbeing programmes, trauma informed practice and the link between physical activity and mental wellbeing.

The book is due to be launched in October 2023. If you would like to contribute a section to the book, contribute a suggestion for the title of the book, or would like to be kept up to date with how it progresses then please get in touch.

PE Scholar have just released Wanna teach PE? by Ben Holden. Wanna Teach PE is an A-Z guide to PE teaching. From the sports hall to the field, from extra-curricular to examinations, PE teaching is one of the broadest, most challenging, yet most rewarding roles within education, and Wanna Teach PE provides insight into the realisms behind being a PE teacher.

Drawing on experiences from years of working on the shop floor, Wanna Teach PE is a must read for anyone who might ‘Wanna Teach PE’.

To order a copy click on the link here:

Phyllis needs help….

Phyllis is an exciting new evidence based AI chatbot which provides personalised conversational support to help young people overcome barriers to physical activity and live a more active life.

The team behind Phyllis at Sheffield Hallam University have launched a survey to do some market testing on the chatbot to a larger audience and would love your help to shape the support for young people.

Please click on the image to find out more about Phyllis and to take the survey:

Our Building Mental Fitness course features in the new Happiness Factories Book

The origins of how our programme started and evolved features in Phil Mathe’s new book ‘Happiness Factories’.

Happiness Factories explores the ideas, concepts and arguments behind an expanded focus in physical education beyond just the physical.

It attempts to discuss the value and benefits of identifying other aspects - whether we call these 'holistic strands', 'character traits', 'life skills' or something else - that we can introduce into our curriculum design to identify other areas that our subject potentially touches on and influences.

Taking the reflections and thoughts of PE educators, leaders and academics from across the world, Happiness Factories seeks to offer reflections and practical ideas for adapting PE provision to widen the impact for all pupils, regardless of their specific contexts.

The book argues that a physically rich, dynamic and context-driven curriculum approach will expand opportunities for success for all, in turn inspiring future generations of PE pupils to strive for greater engagement, understanding and progression in all aspects of PE.

Happiness Factories is the story of the author's career in PE, reflecting on the lessons he has learned, with the successes (and failures) along the way. It presents an alternative view of what modern, meaningful PE can look like and encourages all PE teachers, regardless of their unique context, to reflect on their own practice and the emphasis of the provision they give to their pupils.

To purchase a copy of Happiness Factories click on the link here.

-Taster resources for you

Don't forget we have a wide range of taster resources so that you can experience our courses. To access these resources, click on the button.

We hope all of these opportunities and resources help you achieve your goals.

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