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Complimentary Building Mental Fitness course for you to try - April Newsletter

We hope you had a relaxing Easter. Many of our brilliant young people have returned to school after lockdown needing self care strategies to improve their mental health and we are on hand to help you and your schools to achieve this. We recognise the fantastic work being completed by many brilliant teachers across the world in using the power of PE to improve young people's wellbeing in response, and it has never been more important. Helping teachers to transform the lives of their young people is what we are all about at Future Action, we look forward to supporting you so that you can continue to make a difference.

How we can help you:

- Do you want your PE department to create healthier, happier young people? Join innovative PE departments like Hethersett Academy who have used our course to lead the way across their school in supporting young people. "The Building Mental Fitness course is very effective CPD and great value for money. I particularly enjoyed developing my knowledge in how to promote positive conversations around mental health. I would highly recommend this course to colleagues." Nick Austin, Head of PE, Hethersett Academy. Click on the video below to find out more how this Building Mental Fitness Key Stage 3&4 teacher training course can help you and your young people.

- Future Action are delighted to partner with the brilliant Norwich School Sports Partnership to support their member primary schools to upskill teachers to create healthier, happier young people.

Jon Osborne, Head of Community Sport at Norwich School Sport Partnership said:

"Future Action's Building Mental Fitness course has given us a really useful tool to help support Primary Schools that we work with. The course includes lots of excellent resources and can be completed online at a time that is convenient for staff"

Click on the video below to see how easy our Key Stage 2 Building Mental Fitness teacher training course is to use to save you hours of time planning, and enable you to transform the life chances of your young people.

- Come and try our Complimentary taster courses. We have created complimentary taster courses so you can try the first two lessons of our 'Building Mental Fitness' course and/or the first lesson of our 'Financial Futures' course so that you can experience our courses for yourself.

To receive your login details, click on the button below and complete this short form.

- Come visit our shop to take the next step to healthier happier young people. Come visit our shop to take the next step in joining the dozens of brilliant teachers who have joined our movement to transform the life chances of their young people. BUY NOW

- Click on this link to help your young people understand how to manage their screen time more effectively to improve their sleep.

To find out more about this excellent program from Age of Light Innovations click on the link here.

Get in Touch Thanks for reading our newsletter. If this resonates with you or someone you know or work with, please get in touch when the time is right. Give us a follow on Twitter: @futureaction1 Contact Us

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