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Beating adolescent depression in schools following Covid 19

According to the latest report published by the World Health Organisation, adolescent depression is the fourth-leading cause of illness and disability among young people 15-19 years of age. The illness is associated with higher risk of adversity throughout life, including recurrent depressive episodes, other mental health issues, relational problems, and lower educational attainment

Only a minority of young people suffering from depression seek and/or receive professional help. Barriers to seeking help include practical issues of accessing services, perceived stigma and feelings of shame, desire to be self-reliant, and difficulties recognising symptoms of mental health disorders.

This worrying issue is especially a concern for parents and teachers alike as students return to schools following the unprecedented disruption and uncertainty of classes, revision and examinations.

Thankfully, the Norwich based education resource providers Future Action have responded to the issue by releasing their ‘Building Mental Fitness’ course which will provide teachers across the world both the subject knowledge and resources to give their pupils the tools to build their mental fitness whilst reducing the potential for adolescent depression.

The programme will empower educators to teach their pupils the four key stages of the mental fitness pyramid, body scanning, journaling and the power of physical activity, sleep and nutrition alongside a yoga program for mindfulness benefits.

Neil Moggan, founder of Future Action commented “we are really excited to launch this vital program that will enrich teachers knowledge and therefore provide their pupils a valuable range of practical strategies that they can apply immediately thus improving and building their mental fitness at school and beyond.”

The powerful package of resources includes motivational PowerPoints, student lesson resources, a knowledge organiser and scheme of learning backed with series of videos all created to engage with pupils. Teachers can save considerable time whilst accessing the product anywhere in the world at a time that suits them. The course also give ideas on how the content can be applied across the school from PE, PSHE, enrichment programs, social media, active form times and staff cpd.

The course is available to purchase from

Future action is a health education solutions company based in the UK that provides CPD courses and resources for teachers across the world. Created by current award winning teachers for teachers, we are passionate about supporting leaders to make their schools as healthy and inspiring for their pupils and colleagues as possible to improve young people’s life chances.

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