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Opportunities For You

We hope you had a great half term break. It was fantastic meeting hero teachers in Liverpool, Norfolk and the North East last half term and we are looking forward to meeting and supporting many more of you this half term.

Some questions to ponder:

  • Are you looking to reduce your students’ anxiety, build their confidence and create a sustainable wellbeing programme within 90 days?

  • Are you looking to transform your relationships with young people to boost their engagement, behaviour & progress in the short term, and your children's life chances in the long term?

  • Are you looking for a memorable way to teach the link between physical activity and mental wellbeing?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes than read on to explore opportunities to transform outcomes for you and your young people this half term:

  • 📊 Inspiring Scorecards

  • 📚Hybrid Teacher Training Courses

  • 📖Upcoming Book Release

  • 🎤In-Person Speaking Events

  • 🔍 Consultancy

  • 📣 Trusted Partner Opportunities

Scroll down to find out more.

📊 Inspiring Scorecards:

Assess your early intervention ‘School Wellbeing’ efforts in just 3 minutes! Our scorecard provides insights into your current provision and offers a quick snapshot of where your school stands. You will receive a personalised report based on your answers giving you a roadmap to transform outcomes in your setting.

Complimentary Gift - On completion, you will also receive complimentary access to our taster ‘RISE Up’ online teacher training course so you can learn how to move your school from reactive to proactive when identifying children who are struggling with their mental health.

Take the scorecard here:

If engagement and behaviour was the biggest issue for you last half term then why not try our 2 minute trauma informed ‘Enhancing Engagement in PE’ Scorecard. You will receive a personalised report based on your answers giving you a roadmap to transform outcomes in your setting.

Complimentary Gift - You will also receive complimentary access to our taster ‘Trauma Informed PE’ online teacher training course so you can learn how adverse childhood experiences affect young people in your classrooms now and long after they leave your care.

Take the scorecard here:

📚 Hybrid Teacher Training Courses:

Our online courses cover 'Trauma Informed PE' and 'RISE Up' Early Intervention Mental Wellbeing. Once you have completed the training you can book a call to discuss implementation in your setting and any questions you may have.

No cover teachers or travel are required saving you and your school precious time and money.

Click on the images below for more info.

📖 Upcoming Book Release:

Mark your calendars for the end of November! Neil’s upcoming book, 'Time to RISE Up. Supporting Students’ Mental Health in Schools' offers insightful guidance for nurturing mental wellbeing. The book is being published through Scholarly to inspire positive change and is the perfect Christmas present for teaching colleagues.

🎤 In-Person Events:

Come join us for our session on Student Wellbeing through PE at the exciting ‘PEdagogy in practice conference 2023’ at the University of Gloucestershire on Tuesday 28th November. Click on the image for more info from our great friends at PE Scholar.

🔍 Consultancy:

Elevate your outcomes with our specialised consultancy services. Get in touch if you want to know more about tailored guidance to enhance your provision.

📣 Trusted Partner Opportunities:

We understand that each setting has unique priorities this academic year. Explore our trusted partners who excel in their respective fields. We're ready to connect you with key individuals within these organisations to help you achieve your specific goals. Visit our trusted partners’ page here.

Here's to a Fantastic Half Term!

As you embark on this half term, remember that we're here to support you in achieving your goals. Do reach out, whether you're seeking guidance, inspiration, or resources.

Wishing you a half term filled with growth, empowerment, and positive transformations.

Best wishes,

Neil Moggan & the Future Action Team

P.S. Know someone who could benefit from these resources? Share this blog with a friend or colleague who shares your passion for nurturing mental wellbeing. Thank you for your continued support.

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