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Updated: May 6, 2023

We hope you had a lovely Easter break and had a chance to focus on your own wellbeing.

Four children in a swimming pool smiling

This week’s edition is dedicated to providing you with ideas, opportunities and inspiration to help you achieve your goals this term:

  • The School Wellbeing Scorecard: A Path to Success

  • Taster Resources For You

  • ‘RISE Up’ Online Teacher Training Courses

  • Networking with In-Person Courses

  • Expert Consultancy Services

  • Support Your Children With Their Exam Worries & Stay Ahead of the Game with our Blogs

  • Transform Children's Mental Health in Schools with ‘Time to Rise Up’ Book

  • Maximise Your Potential with Our Trusted Partner Opportunities

Scroll down to find out more.


We have loved sending out RISE Up certificates to colleagues who have completed our online teacher training course over the last few weeks to upskill themselves.

We appreciate all the 5 stars reviews, and your feedback so we can make the course as meaningful as possible for you and your young people.

These are a snippet of some of the comments:

‘The useful strategies to disseminate to staff will benefit me greatly. I really liked the series of short videos and ability to review, print and edit resources.’

E. Johnstone - Notre Dame High School

‘The course has helped me be more aware of everyone's mental health.’

J.Steerment - Eaton Hall Specialist Academy

‘As I would like to work with children with anxiety/mental health in the future this course has really helped me. I really liked the amount of techniques given.’

S.Sillis - Taverham High School

This half term we are focusing on filming your Trauma Informed PE teacher training course so you can transform your children’s outcomes in both the short and long term. You will be able to purchase the course from June.

How can we help you?

  • The School Wellbeing Scorecard: A Path to Success

With the complimentary School Wellbeing Scorecard, we can help you take the first step towards achieving this goal by benchmarking your existing provision within 3 minutes.

The scorecard will assess your school in key areas including:

[1] Activities

[2] Habits

[3] Mental Fitness

[4] Whole School Impact

Based on your results, you'll receive a personalised report with practical tips to improve your school's wellbeing provision. The scorecard is just a click away - take it now to start your journey towards a better future for you & your students.

Button link to discover your school’s wellbeing score
  • Taster Resources For You

We believe that every teacher has the power to make a positive impact on their students' wellbeing. To help you do that, we've created a variety of resources designed to meet your needs and preferences.

From case studies to videos and brochures, our taster resources are available at your fingertips. Explore your options today and find the tools you need to transform your school.

Click here to try our complimentary online ‘RISE Up’ taster course.

  • Empower Your Children with our ‘RISE Up’ Online Courses

If you're ready to take the next step in your journey, our online ‘RISE Up’ teacher training course will help you transform lives. This course offers flexible, anytime-anywhere access to in-depth training on how to implement Early Intervention Wellbeing programmes in your setting.

With a wealth of editable resources included, RISE Up will save you time and provide you and your colleagues with the knowledge you need to make a lasting impact. Find out more here and sign up today!

Information about the RISE Up early intervention training course
  • Networking and Learning Opportunities with In-Person Courses

For those who prefer a more traditional learning environment, our in-person teacher training courses provide a great opportunity to connect with like-minded educators. Our founder, Neil Moggan, will lead these courses and provide valuable insights and tips.

Get in touch with us today to schedule your in-person training session.

  • Expert Consultancy Services

Neil is currently working with several schools to support their wellbeing programmes and wider PE provision. If you'd like to take your department to the next level, we'd be delighted to discuss your bespoke needs with you. Book a call today to get started.

Neil Moggan of Future Action on stage at an event
  • Support Your Children With Their Exam Worries & Stay Ahead of the Game

This exam season, help your children to manage any exam related worries by getting some top tips from our student case study here.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve and make a real difference in the lives of your students, then be sure to subscribe to our blog and never miss a beat.

From exploring the transformational power of trauma-informed practice to address many of the biggest challenges we face in education at the moment, to reducing exam stress and turning it into a positive, we've got you covered. Click here to join our innovative and supportive community:

  • Transform Children's Mental Health in Schools with ‘Time to Rise Up’ Book

This comprehensive book explores the decline of wellbeing for young people and provides practical solutions for how schools can contribute to improve the status quo.

Benefit from leading practices and expert insights to improve your children's mental health. Get in touch to contribute or stay informed on the book's progress.

  • Maximise Your Potential with Our Trusted Partner Opportunities

As we understand that everyone has different priorities for this half term, which may or may not include student wellbeing, we invite you to explore opportunities with our trusted partners.

They excel in various fields and could assist you in achieving your specific goals. To learn more about our partners, please visit our trusted partners’ page by clicking here.

PE Scholar logo

We can't wait to see the amazing actions you'll take to improve the lives of your young people this term. Thank you in advance for your unwavering dedication and passion.

Have a fantastic week,

Neil & the Future Action Team

P.S. Want to spread the word about these opportunities? Share this email with colleagues in your community who would benefit from it. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

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