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Mental Health Awareness Week 2024: Teaching Mental Wellbeing through Movement

Updated: May 14

As Mental Health Awareness Week 2024 commences, the theme of "Movement: Moving more for our mental health" resonates deeply with the ethos of Future Action.

In a time where the importance of mental health has never been more apparent, the transformative power of movement cannot be overstated. 

As we stand in solidarity with the Mental Health Foundation, it's imperative to highlight the profound impact movement can have on mental wellbeing, particularly within educational settings.

At Future Action, we recognise that schools play a pivotal role in nurturing the mental wellbeing of their students. Through our innovative approach, encapsulated in our RISE Up programme, we empower educators to integrate physical activity seamlessly into their curriculum, fostering a culture of mental wellbeing that extends far beyond the classroom.  

We have created the RISE™ acronym to help teach young people in a memorable way how they can boost their mental wellbeing through movement now and long after they have left school.


Repetitive activities such as running, walking, or yoga offer not only physical benefits but also serve as avenues for calming the mind and reducing stress. 

Repeaters calm our amygdalas, widen our window of tolerance and help us access our prefrontal cortex so our children can be in a better position to think clearly and learn. 

Inclusive Teams:

Team sports provide opportunities for social connection and a sense of belonging, essential elements for promoting mental wellbeing.

As students come together to achieve common goals, they experience the release of oxytocin, fostering feelings of camaraderie and support.

By incorporating trauma-informed practices, schools can create inclusive environments where students feel safe and supported.

Stress Busters:

Amidst the challenges of recent times, many students grapple with pent-up emotions and frustrations.

Stress-busting activities like boxing, weight training, contact rugby or yoga offer outlets for releasing tension in a safe and controlled way and restoring balance to the mind-body connection. 

Stress Busters calm our amygdalas, widen our window of tolerance and help us access our prefrontal cortex so our children can be in a better position to think clearly and learn.


When we feel low, we retreat from the world, energisers help bring us back to the world. High-energy activities such as circuit training or dance not only invigorate the body but also trigger the release of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, promoting feelings of happiness and motivation.

This RISE™ acronym helps schools to meet the statutory requirements to teach the link between physical activity and mental health to their young people.

Through our online teacher training course and the School Wellbeing Scorecard, we provide schools with comprehensive tools to assess and enhance the wellbeing of their young people.

By identifying areas for growth and implementing targeted strategies, educators can create environments where students feel empowered to prioritise their mental health.

As Mental Health Awareness Week commences, let us recommit ourselves to the cause of mental wellbeing.

Together, through the power of movement and education, we can transform the lives of our students and cultivate a future where mental health is valued and nurtured.

Join us in embracing the movement for mental health to help transform children’s life chances.

Do you want to improve your students' wellbeing?

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This action will help you map your school's wellbeing provision in 3 minutes and identify the key areas to focus on for your setting.

You will receive a personalised report and a complimentary login to our taster ‘RISE Up’ course.  Here you will be able to experience Step 1 and 2 of our 9 Step RISE Up teacher training course. 

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Have a brilliant week.

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