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'Catching Glimmers' To Boost Your Young People's Self-Confidence

The idea of 'Catching Glimmers' offers an important strategy to boost children's self-confidence as they navigate their way to new heights.

This approach proves particularly effective in helping young individuals take that leap towards their next level of growth, whether it's facing an important exam, speaking confidently in public, or elevating their performance in competitive sports.

Glimmers represent those tiny moments of positivity that counteract negative triggers. They can stem from within, like personal achievements, or from external sources, like words of encouragement. These moments create a reassuring sense of safety in a child's mind, fostering their ability to adapt and persevere.

By embracing these instances of brightness, kids can uplift their mood, bolster their mental wellbeing, and build resilience step by step.

The beauty of 'Catching Glimmers' lies in its simplicity—it's about noticing these small wins in everyday life. With consistent practice, children can accumulate these experiences, nurturing a growing confidence that empowers them to tackle life's challenges with a newfound sense of self-assuredness.

Let's consider a teenager who has been facing academic struggles. During an exam, they notice that they've answered the first three questions exceptionally well. This small achievement stands out amidst their overall challenges and begins to spark a glimmer of confidence.

Similarly, imagine a young goalkeeper who moved up from the school team to County level. On their debut, despite initial nerves and some difficulties, they managed to make two solid saves and handled several crosses adeptly. These moments of success become their glimmers of progress.

Recognising each instance, whether it's a well-answered question or a successful save, gently nurtures their self-assurance, reminding them that even in the midst of challenges, they're making strides forward.

Try this - Glimmers of success technique

Try this technique during one-on-one coaching discussions with young people who face challenges in specific performance situations. The following outline presents the fundamental questions you can employ to develop their self-confidence and self-awareness:

1. Identification: "What are you struggling with?"

2. Glimmers of Success: "Did you feel 'good enough' at any time during your last performance?"

3. Reflecting on Glimmers: "Brilliant. What was the glimmer and what did it feel like? Were there any other glimmers? "

4. Building on Glimmers: "Fantastic. Hold on to that feeling. What would you like to do in your next performance to build on your glimmers?"

5. Preparation Strategies: "Great. What preparation do you need to make that outcome more likely?"

6. Seeking Support: "Do you need any help with that preparation?"

From there, you can create a plan to help the young person move forward with their challenge.

How we can help you

This is one of many strategies we use to boost young people's confidence on our 'RISE Up' early intervention mental wellbeing programme.

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To take the first step, take our School Wellbeing scorecard here:

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Have a great week.

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