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8 Problems Early Intervention Wellbeing Programmes Can Solve For You

Updated: May 6, 2023

This week we are taking a look at 8 problems early intervention programmes can help you solve to improve children’s wellbeing in your school.

[1] Do your colleagues know how to teach the link between physical activity & mental wellbeing?

We use the RISE acronym to explain 4 distinct categories so that teachers can guide children to understand the link between physical activity and mental wellbeing to make learning stick long after they have left you.

Two young women smiling and wearing sports clothes

[2] Are your young people struggling with unhealthy habits that are impacting on their wellbeing?

In the Healthy habits section of the RISE Up roadmap, we focus on helping children that are struggling with a lack of exercise, poor sleep, unbalanced social media usage, and an unhealthy diet. We provide you with the knowledge, strategies and guidance on how to create and implement new healthy habits.

[3] Are your children struggling with self confidence? self-kindness? anxiety? And a lack of aspiration?

Lessons on the mental fitness pyramid helps students who are struggling with self-confidence, self kindness, anxiety and worries around the future. It helps give students a foundation of confidence and direction when focusing on their aspirations for the future.

[4] Are you able to identify those children who are struggling with their mental health early enough?

Step 2 of the RISE Up early intervention wellbeing programme focuses on guiding teachers to be proactive in identifying those students who are struggling, using a technique that anonymously identifies children within three minutes so we can signpost young people for additional support. This ensures young people receive specialist support as early as possible.

[5] Do your children know what to do when they are feeling unhappy?

We help you guide children, when they are feeling low, demotivated, unloved, in pain and struggling with mood swings. In Step 7 of the RISE Up roadmap we give a self-care menu of activities so that they can access the 4 happiness chemicals.

Teenage boy on rowing machine

[6] Are your children lacking self-awareness about how they are feeling?

Step 3 of the RISE Up roadmap focuses on developing children’s self-awareness and helping young people process, thoughts and feelings by teaching them how to journal and use body scanning.

[7] Do you know how to create whole school impact around wellbeing?

In Step 8 of the roadmap, we guide teachers to show how they can use early intervention programmes to have whole school impact and benefit the wider school community.

[8] Are you looking for ways to increase your student numbers and school budget?

Finally, we guide you how you can increase student number and the school budget by celebrating students' success.

By investing in early intervention mental wellbeing programmes, schools are training frontline teachers to reduce their students’ anxiety, build their confidence and help their young people to flourish academically and holistically.

Boys in a sports team smiling and paying attention to a coach

The RISE Up Roadmap

Our ‘RISE Up’ Early Intervention Programme is a proven step by step programme that guides innovative teachers to reduce students’ anxiety, build their confidence, and complete a sustainable Early Intervention Programme within 90 days.

The Rise Up Roadmap - As step by step process guide

It is ideal for Physical Education teachers, Mental Health leads, RSHE leads, Progress Leaders as well as any member of staff who wants to equip themselves with a range of early intervention skills so that they can make a difference.

This online teacher training course is packed full of editable resources to save teachers precious hours of time planning, so that they can have maximum impact as soon as possible.

Taster resources for you

If you would like to try our taster RISE Up online early intervention programme, fill in this two minute form and we will email your unique login over to you.

You can create complete a three minute audit of your existing provision using the School Wellbeing Scorecard. You will receive a personalised report, identifying the next steps to improve the wellbeing of young people. Click on the image to take the scorecard.

Discover your school’s wellbeing score image link


'The 'RISE Up' Early Intervention Programme is a course that we would definitely recommend to other PE departments who are looking to upskill in their delivery of teaching the knowledge needed for young people to recognise and develop strategies for their own mental wellbeing.'

Nick Austin, Head of PE at Hethersett Academy

Five smiling PE teachers

If you're interested in reading more testimonials from satisfied colleagues and young people, click here.

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