Building Mental Fitness Key Stage 3&4 Teacher Training Course & Resources

Building Mental Fitness Key Stage 3&4 Teacher Training Course & Resources

Improved mental health for all in your school setting


Benefits to you:

  • Expert subject knowledge on how to build mental fitness.

  • Scheme of learning, student powerpoints, lesson resources, and knowledge planner included saving you hours of planning and enabling you to introduce your building mental fitness knowledge to your classes and colleagues straight away.

  • A proactive methodology to improve your own mental health and the mental health of your colleagues through leading whole school staff CPD using the resources.

  • CPD video's to share with colleagues within your school to improve their subject knowledge.

  • Official Future Action 'Building Mental Fitness' tutor.

  • Leader of improved mental health within your school community.

  • Able to access the course content at a time and place that suits you.

Benefits for your students:

  • Improved mental health.

  • Increased confidence and belief in themselves.

  • Improved knowledge of practical strategies to apply to build their mental fitness.

  • Improved mindfulness, flexibility, strength and balance.

  • Improved sleep and nutrition.

  • Greater ideas on how to exercise if low on confidence.

  • Improved gratitude.

  • Greater awareness of the dangers of social media.

  • Improved culture to talk about mental health issues within school setting.

  • A personalised mental fitness development plan.

What you will get when you purchase this product?

  • A series of CPD video's developing your subject knowledge on how to build mental fitness and how to deliver this unit.

  • A scheme of learning for the unit.

  • 10 Powerpoint lessons.

  • An electronic student work book that you can print out for your pupils.

  • A knowledge planner for the unit.

  • Ideas on how this unit can be adapted to be taught in PSHE, used within form times, on social media, and for staff CPD to raise the profile of mental health in your school.

  • A personalised Future Action 'Building Mental Fitness ' trainer certificate.

Lesson topics:

  • Introduction to building mental fitness key points & yoga.

  • To understand the mental health continuum.

  • To learn how to body scan and journal.

  • To create a confidence and kindness foundation.

  • To understand how to use worries as a positive & create a vision for your future.

  • Healthy habits & the impact of sleep on the brain.

  • Healthy habits & the impact of exercise on the brain.

  • Healthy habits & the impact of nutrition on the brain.

  • To understand the impact of social media on the brain and develop effective coping strategies.

  • To understand what OCD is and to develop coping strategies.

  • To understand the four happiness chemicals and how to access them.