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Teacher Case Study: Transforming Mental Wellbeing through Physical Activity

This week’s case study focuses on how Mrs Reynolds, the brilliant Head of PE at Belvedere Academy has used the RISE Up programme and a Trauma Informed PE approach to transform mental wellbeing outcomes in her school in multiple ways.

The Belvedere Academy is an all-ability state funded girls’ Academy secondary school in Liverpool and is part of the Girls’ Day School Trust. We are proud to partner with them as part of the ‘Liverpool RISE Up’ programme with Liverpool School Sports Partnership, Sport England and the Youth Sport Trust.

Teachers we partner with are given agency to implement the programme that best meets the needs of their school and young people.

Mrs Reynolds talks us through the different ways she has applied the concepts to meet the needs of her setting, starting with boosting extra curricular engagement.

Next Mrs Reynolds explains how she used psychological safety to engage more of her year 11s in meaningful PE for wellbeing benefits.

Finally, Mrs Reynolds explains how she has applied the programme in the whole school enrichment programme to increase physical activity levels to boost her students' mental wellbeing.

Mrs Reynolds is now working on creating a sports sanctuary for her young people.

The programme has received the overwhelming approval of her young people. This is the view of one Year 11 at our recent ‘Liverpool RISE Up’ celebration event.

At the event we celebrated the great work of hero teachers like Mrs Reynolds and her brilliant young people.

The event was a big hit with the Belvedere Academy Students. Mrs Reynolds said “Our students loved this event and we’ve had loads of pupils asking when the next event is on and if they can come.”

We asked Mrs Reynolds what top tip she had for colleagues embarking on the RISE Up programme. She said "Start small by looking for the easy ways to implement such as with a specific PE group or an Interform competition. Taking the 'School Wellbeing Scorecard' really helped me identify the easy wins."

How we can help you

If you would like to have similar impact for your young people, take your first step here by completing the School Wellbeing Scorecard. You will receive a personalised report identifying your strengths and opportunities to develop your schools wellbeing provision.

Complimentary Gift - You will also receive complimentary access to our taster ‘RISE Up’ online teacher training course so you can learn how to move your school from reactive to proactive when identifying children who are struggling with their mental health in one easy step.

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