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Is your financial situation affecting your wellbeing as a teacher?

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Here at Future Action we are passionate about improving people's wellbeing and their life chances.

Using academic research we find practical ways for our fantastic community of passionate teachers, just like you, to take action to improve the futures of their students and themselves.

One of the best academic models we have found for this is Dr Peggy Swarbricks 8 Dimensions of Wellness.

The 8 Dimensions of Wellness

According to Rutgers, Swarbrick’s ‘8 Dimensions’ model has been used to craft a highly effective framework for the pursuit of wellness.

In no particular order, these dimensions are: Physical, Spiritual, Social, Intellectual, Emotional/Mental, Occupational, Environmental, Financial.

The model prominently features adjacent dimensions overlapping to convey the idea that all dimensions are connected and reliant on one another.

When teaching the model, Dr. Swarbrick discusses how each dimension can impact one another both positive or negative.

What has been the most successful aspect of this model is that it is strength focused building on people's daily habits and routines, to build and strengthen new habits.

People often identify key activities they do each day, for example physical activity, helps in multiple dimensions including physical, emotional and social.

We find that very often people can identify what they are doing and consider how they can continue to strengthen their daily healthy habits which is step 6 of our RISE Up roadmap.

Is your financial situation affecting your wellbeing as a teacher?

Financial wellness occurs when you are satisfied with your current and future financial situation. It gives wider choice and greater freedoms for you and your family.

Unfortunately there’s no escaping at the moment that there is a financial storm in education ahead.

School budgets are being squeezed all the time and it appears that it will be a gloomy time ahead for your finances.

Interest rates are rising, energy costs have doubled, inflation is spiralling…and it looks likely we are heading towards a recession.

With inflation around 15%, as teachers we have all had a 10% pay cut in real terms despite working harder than ever to keep out schools going.

You have two choices; you can either

  • Hunker down and batten the hatches and worry about the economy


  • You can use your worries as a positive by creating a plan where you can build your own proactive, profitable economy to give yourself greater freedom.

If you financial situation is stressing you out and affecting your wellbeing then help is on hand so that you can take action to improve your future.

You many even pass these lessons on to your students in future to improve their life chances.

A helping hand

As part of our commitment to provide outstanding value to our community of awesome teachers like you we wanted to let you know that our trusted friends over at WealthBuilders are just about to begin a 6-week online challenge which will show you how to uncover hidden money in your life, make it work harder and build your wealth.

Over the 6 weeks, Kevin Whelan and Christian Rodwell will be uncovering ways to reduce, eliminate, negotiate and transfer costs that can save you thousands of pounds!

With rising interest rates, spiralling inflation and the rapid increase in the cost of living - this is the perfect time to take stock of where your money could be working harder for you.

Check out the full details of the challenge here:

As hero teachers you always give so much to others, we hope that you put yourself first for once and help yourself so that you can weather the financial storm ahead and transform your wellbeing.

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