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🎧 Education On Fire Podcast! 🎧

We're excited to share that our founder, Neil Moggan, recently had the privilege of being a guest on the renowned Education On Fire podcast!

In this engaging episode, Neil sits down with the brilliant host, Mark Taylor, to discuss the topic of "Transforming Young People's Life Chances."

The podcast offers valuable insights into the world of education and how we can create positive impacts on the lives of young people. Neil shares thoughtful perspectives on the initiatives and programmes that have shown great promise in fostering lasting change.

Throughout the episode, Neil acknowledges the collective efforts of inspirational colleagues who have played a pivotal role in his own journey and the creation of Future Action.

If you're interested in gaining inspiration and learning more about our efforts to make a real difference in the realm of education, we encourage you to listen to this insightful podcast episode.

We hope you enjoy the episode.

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