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Launching 'Time to RISE Up - Supporting Students' Mental Health in Schools’

We are thrilled to announce the release of "Time to RISE Up" by Neil Moggan, now available for purchase on Amazon!

A Comprehensive Guide for Educators

"Time to RISE Up" is designed to transform the way we support student wellbeing while promoting academic success.

The book delves into the crucial question: How can we prioritise student mental health without compromising academic achievement? The book is divided into four powerful themes:

  1. Identifying the Problem

  2. Crafting Early Intervention Mental Wellbeing Programmes

  3. The Power of Trauma-Informed Practice

  4. Moving Forward Together

Addressing the Mental Health Crisis

Behind every statistic around mental illness in our youth lies a young person, a family, friends, and a school community impacted by the mental health crisis gripping our society. 

"Time to RISE Up" addresses these issues head-on, offering practical strategies and insights for educators, parents, and students to reshape our educational landscape and prioritise the wellbeing of young people.

Exploring the Link Between Movement and Mental Wellbeing

The book explores the vital connection between movement and mental wellbeing, demonstrating how incorporating physical activity can foster environments where students thrive both academically and emotionally.

Expert Contributions and Real-Life Case Studies

The book features contributions and case studies from a range of expert voices in the education and mental health space, challenging the misconception that mental health distracts from academic success.

Instead, it unveils its integral role in fostering both personal growth and scholastic achievement.

Essential Reading for Educators

Educators will gain a deeper understanding of the critical importance of prioritising student mental health and practical strategies for fostering holistic student development.

This book is more than just a guide; it is a rallying cry for educators, parents, and students alike to join forces in reshaping our educational landscape. It is being published by our great friends at PE Scholar through Scholarly.

Praise for "Time to RISE Up"

"'Time to RISE Up' offers educators a transformative roadmap for prioritising student wellbeing alongside academic success, empowering meaningful change and fostering environments where students thrive academically and emotionally."

Dr. Liz Durden-Myers

"Every teacher in the country needs to hear the messages in 'Time to RISE Up' at the moment. With lots to take away and reflect on, it offers invaluable insights and practical guidance for creating supportive environments for student mental health to flourish."

Lee Sullivan, Head of PE at Upton Court Grammar and author of 'Is PE in Crisis?'

"Inspiring and practical, 'Time to RISE Up' is a must-read for educators seeking to make a meaningful difference in student wellbeing and supporting our most vulnerable children."

Will Swaithes, PE Scholar

Make a Difference

Join us in making a difference. You can purchase your copy of "Time to RISE Up" here and start transforming the future of education today.

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