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Goalsetting, Service Leadership & The Scorecard

We hope you had a lovely restful Christmas and we wish you a brilliant 2022.

A new year brings a chance to reflect on the past year and set goals for the next 12 months.

We remain as committed as ever to our mission of: '

'Guiding 15,000 teachers so that they can give their students a tool box of self care strategies so young people have the skills to manage their mental health to transform their life chances."

Our goal at Future Action is to make our partners' lives easier in order to reduce their students' anxiety, build their confidence and transform their futures with our sustainable early intervention programme.

This goal has been broken down into three. These are:

  • Building Mental Fitness scorecard

  • Version 2 of our Building Mental Fitness course

  • Outstanding service for our partner schools

The Building Mental Fitness Scorecard

The complimentary Building Mental Fitness scorecard has been created to help your Physical Education department identify the areas you need to focus on to transform the wellbeing of your students.

You'll be scored against the following key areas [1] Mental Fitness - using positive psychology to transform your students' confidence and reduce their anxiety. [2] Habits - embedding healthy habits and reducing unhealthy habits to enable students to self-care for their wellbeing now and long after they have left your school. [3] Whole School Impact - identify areas where you can use the power of PE to have whole school impact.

Test your PE department's wellbeing scorecard in 2 minutes by answering 31 simple questions. You will receive your own personalised report with top tips to enhance the quality of your provision to transform the wellbeing of your students and staff. Taking this super quick quiz will arm you with the information you need to take your Physical Education department wellbeing programme to the next level.

In addition, we would be delighted to go through the answers you have provided in your scorecard and explore different ways we can enhance your departments wellbeing provision in partnership with you.

Please feel free to share the scorecard amongst your network so more great teachers can benefit from it.

Version 2 of our Building Mental Fitness course

As 2021 drew to an end, we have been busy creating version 2 of our online course with all the extra knowledge and insights we have learnt in the 15 months since we first launched version 1.

We have learnt so much from delivering in our own schools on a day to day basis and listening to our 30+ partner schools we work with across the world and we just had to share those insights with you so that you can have an enormous impact on your students' wellbeing.

We have added additional lessons, improved imagery to make it even more engaging for your young people, applied more dual coding and added the latest trauma informed practice to make the course the very best it can be.

Outstanding service for our partner schools

We are focusing on outstanding service for our partner schools. We have introduced monthly calls with our partner schools' lead teacher so they receive all the support they need in order to implement the Building Mental Fitness programme suitable for their school setting, within 90 days.

In order to achieve this we have had to cap the amount of schools we can work with to 10 carefully selected schools per half term. This is to ensure our lead teachers will get the support they need, and that our own students and staff within our schools can continue to flourish.

Therefore, move quickly if you are interested in working in partnership with us. If you are thinking about it the first step is to complete the scorecard.

With the tweaks we have made, we are so confident that you will be able to implement our award winning programme within 90 days. If you don't, we will give your school a full refund, so you have got absolutely nothing to lose.

We finish off by wishing you a brilliant 2022 and thanking you in advance for all that you will give to your students every single day this year.

Neil & the Future Action team

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