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Early Intervention Wellbeing Scorecard For You

It has been an incredible couple of weeks here at Future Action with over 35 schools signing up to our new 'RISE Up' early intervention programme since its launch in the middle of March.

In this blog we explain the importance of an early intervention wellbeing programme as part of a three-phase approach, and give you a great tool to evaluate your existing provision within 3 minutes.

Best Practice

It is best practice that schools embed a 3 phase approach to transform your young people's wellbeing at this challenging time.

Phase one of the approach would be where schools identify those young people who are starting to struggle at the earliest opportunity and to pass them on for specialist support within schools.

Alongside this all students and staff should be taught a range of self-care strategies so that they have a toolbox to manage their own well-being right now and long after they have left school.

The second phase should be specialist internal support from fully trained counsellors and where the safeguarding team would come into play.

If young people still require specialist support after this intervention they should be referred to phase 3 which is external specialist support such as Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).

Help your students 'RISE Up'

The ‘RISE Up’ Early Intervention Wellbeing programme guides innovative teachers in delivering early intervention for all within schools, with physical activity one of the secret weapons to transforming wellbeing.

This online teacher training course is packed full of editable resources to save you precious hours of time planning, so that you can have maximum impact as soon as possible.

It is ideal for Mental Health leads, RSHE leads, Physical Education teachers, Progress leaders as well as any member of staff who wants to equip themselves with a range of early intervention skills so that they can make a difference.

Click on the button below to access the course brochure.

Future Action Secondary RISE UP Brochure Launch
Download PDF • 1.56MB

The RISE Up Scorecard

The complimentary RISE Up scorecard has been created to help your school identify the areas you need to focus on to transform the wellbeing of your students.

You'll be scored in the following key categories : [1] Activities - a range of physical activities are a fantastic way to transform your students' mental wellbeing by incorporating trauma informed practice.

[2] Mental Fitness - using positive psychology to transform your students' confidence and reduce their anxiety.

[3] Habits - embedding healthy habits and reducing unhealthy habits to enable students to self-care for their wellbeing now and long after they have left your school.

[4] Whole School Impact - identify areas where you can use the power of Physical activity to have whole school impact.

Test your school’s wellbeing provision in 3 minutes by answering 19 simple questions. You will receive your own personalised report with top tips to enhance the quality of your provision to transform the wellbeing of your students and staff.

Taking this super quick quiz will arm you with the information you need to take your school’s early intervention wellbeing programme to the next level. It will give you a way to benchmark your progress in this vital area over the next year.

We would be delighted to go through the answers you have provided in your scorecard and explore different ways we can enhance your schools wellbeing provision in partnership with you.

Click on the image below to take the 'RISE Up' scorecard.

Feel free to share the scorecard among your network so more great teachers and their students can benefit from it.

Have a great week hero teachers

Neil & the Future Action Team

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